L ord of the Cello

“…(Marston) is the Cello MasterBlaster” LA Times

Cirque du Vampire

Cirque du Vampire is a fully staged cirque style production with live music, aerials and acrobats, unique costuming and audience interaction. Perfect for a Halloween theatre show or an outdoor summer city festival, winery, or music festival.

Unique and Powerful performances that will not be forgotten.

Lord of the Cello

Maston’s fascination of the Medieval world led to him building an armory in his Malibu home. It was only appropriate that his first hero costume was the knight. The hero is the monomyth in that it exists in every culture around the world…..and so Marston found that divergent audiences appreciate the performance for they share the same myth. Once at the Los Angeles County Fair during a break a crowd gathered around and Marston asked everyone one how they would describe his music. Low and behold the Russian tourist said it was Russian music, the Spaniard thought it was Spanish, and on and on with each listener hearing their own native music.

Corporated shows include Cirque du Soleil in Vegas and Canada, Fashion Shows, opener for Michael Buble, B-52s, Flaming lips and corporate clients Canadian National, Universal, XL Capital, Chicago Bridge and Iron, Sprint, NFL etc,.

Marston lives for performing outside for crowds so he can treat them to a six string electric cello show.
Out in Palm Springs he has set up his sound equipment, wind machine and lights when the temperature reaches 125 fahrenheit! But still there is often a huge turnout.

Arctic Siberians

Fashion Week with Celebrity Hair Nicholas French


As the Celtic Cellist Marston has performed for the Charles Shulz Celebrity Golf Classic and the Bighorn Palm Desert Anderson Celebrity Golf Classic. Many PGA tournaments, festivals, Art Fairs, Highland Games, Scottish Rites, Bank of Scotland events, and Gathering of the Clans..

Apocalyptic Cello

Number one choice of IT Companies, dot doms and film festivals a futuristic Space Marine armour that creates a wild visual with wind machines blowing the the creatures mane. Marston shot an Apocalyptic movie for rear screen video to accompany his performance and has stilt walkers and aeralists for large events. REAR SCREEN MOVIE EXAMPLE


The Wedding Cellist

Marston has performed celebrity weddings including Liz Taylor, Angelica Huston,White Snake, Paula Abdul, and good friend actor/producer/singer/pianist John O’hurley’s wedding. Grab an album of the magnificent duo of John O’Hurley and Marston Celebrity Beverly Hills wedding reception.