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I always see this question in blogs by wanna-be musicians and it has an answer.  How do you  get a gig?

Here is step one.
1) You quit your day job. You gotta need a gig. Really, really need a gig and lots of them so you can feed your family, so you can pay rent, cellphone and Sprinter payments(you will need a diesel van to carry gear to, sleep in, edit video/music and do your contracts and biz on the road). There are no shortcuts like having a great job, winning the lottery, or marring a rich girl. It will not work because you will loose that hunger, that passion, that worrying about where the next big money gig is hiding. You will not be motivated to be utterly extraordinary when you perform because you no longer need to go to the effort. When the great painter Rembrandt married a rich girl he lost is MOJO and stopped painting. You must be hungry to be a genius. Imagine standing on the North Face of Mt Everest a fraction of an inch from a the cliff. Now that is crazy as a small gust will send you to your death but if you are 10ft from the edge you might as well take a nap. Therefore the 3 INCH RULE. 3 inches from the cliff you will find your breathing is measured, your eyes are wide open, and your heart and brain are throbbing and you are alive, very alive. Find where the 3 inches apply in your life and career and stay in the zone.
There’s a 1000 ways how to get a gig but thats the easy part if you got #1 going on.

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