Sculpture and Paintings

By Marston Smith

Marston’s Art, Music, Costume follow a theme of the Glorious Kingdom and searches for a unique vision as it explores sym bolism, story, and music, that canonize the legacy of the Glorious Kingdom. This Mythos is revealed through his work and his very process inadvertently honors and celebrates his Immortal Artifacts

Welcome to Marston’s Glorious Kingdom

Marston’s Bronze Sculpture and Encaustic paintings were a huge success at the Museum
Ventura and the show was extended because of the popularity

Marston’s Glorious Kingdom

Marston was the first artist to have his work a subject of an exhibition at the Museum Ventura. The theme of the show was the combination of mediums of divergent forms of artistic expression and here Marston’s music was on display in a video presentation along with his paintings, sculpture and his ornate “Hero’s” armour harness for his electric cello.

Marston’s Armoured Unicorn was displayed during the Museum shoe and admired for its power and was chosen to represent the unicorn for the Tashen book on Archetypal Symbolism called The Book of Symbols.

At the entrance of the Exhibit was an extraordinary ornate medieval lute from Marston’s early musical instrument collection. This example is mid 15th Century and covered with carved Dragons, angels, and monsters in gold leaf. The case lies next to the instrument.


Marston loves his Mythical beings that he calls Scroll Heads….they speak the language of emotion through their music and their physical power leads them to be the most romantic of all creatures.

Here at the foundry watching his Rhino
take a patina

Art show with Heidi

Working with pencil is very rewarding in that it is fast and your imagination can run wild.

Our home is a bit Game of Thrones


Marston’s Glorious Kingdom

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